I can’t help it - I just have to squee for a moment!  

A while back, someone commissioned a red Stan Lee cameo pin as a gift for Stan Lee himself.  Above are pictures of the cameo pin for Stan and the necklace for the person who commissioned me.  Anyway, Stan got his cameo and HE WORE IT at Ohio Comic Con!!  And not just for a little while…but an entire day apparently!  He wore it during his panel, for fan photo-ops, everything!

Stan Lee wore the Stan Lee cameo I sculpted!  *flails*


*qui is floored*


I’ll have them up for sale on my shop soon!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/GeekCameosEtc

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    That’s so awesome! I be he was just tickled by it.
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    The Stan Lee cameo will be available for purchase on the shop soon!
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    SQUEES! I am so happy for you Qui! STAN LEE!!! Wow :)
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